I am open, energetic, the ultimate optimist that grinds and will be your biggest cheerleader and advocate.  I love supporting others to help them be successful, whether that is personally, professionally, striving toward goals or putting on a killer event.

When I get into my "event mode" (as my husband calls it) nothing is impossible. I like to problem solve and LOVE seeing all of the moving parts of planning an event align to create a beautiful environment.

Other love interests: my nephews, dancing, eating guacamole, anything to do with Spanish food/culture/language (lived there for 4 years and pulls on my heart strings everyday), volleyball, yoga, basil, sunshine and good vibes.



Because I sometimes wear a bun on top of my head. Just kidding, but if that moves you, then great! 


Apart from the years of event planning experience and magic that can happen, I will be your biggest cheerleader when you need it, I will be honest and your confidant, I will share my gifts with you so you can enjoy one of the most memorable days of your life. 

My easy-going demeanor, paired with my drive to accomplish anything for my clients, with a side of my innate ability to connect with people has allowed me to successfully manage events over the years.



  • Event planner for 5+ years in both corporate and non-profits

  • Managed events domestically and internationally (China, Thailand, Belgium, Germany and more) 

  • Guest lists have ranged from 10 to 1000+

  • Most unique vendor booked: Long horn steers for a Jamboree - yes, I booked cattle

  • Most unique event: Closing downtown Indianapolis circle to host 1000+ kids for a "field day" experience

  • Most fun: Dragon dancing in China where we made 40 foot long "dragons" 

  • Oh, and I planned two weddings for my husband and me - let's meet and I'll tell you about it